About me

For me, psychotherapy is a process of getting to know oneself in contact with another person. It’s a process based on kindness and cooperation that allows us to create safety and trust together. Safety and trust in the therapeutic relationship are the source of curiosity and courage which enable gradual discovery of the truth about oneself. And knowing oneself better offers us the opportunity to consciously shape our behavior.

Thus, we gain influence in our own life we can consciously take care of our well-being and our relationships with others. Good relationships provide the support we need to face life’s difficulties.

In my work, I focus on three areas: individual short-term psychodynamic therapy, couples emotion-focused therapy (EFT), and working with men (individually, in self-improvement groups, or ‘Gentle Warrior’ workshops). I also work as a group psychotherapist. My main office is located in Białystok, but I also meet clients in Warsaw (weekends) and online. 

My practice undergoes constant, intensive supervision. I have completed full EFT training for couples and am a member of PSEFT and ICEEFT. Currently, I’m on the last year of four-year psychotherapy studies at Laboratorium Psychoedukacji in Warsaw and the last year of Group Psychotherapy School. I have participated in numerous courses on Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and many workshops on the emotions and the body. I have undergone my own individual therapy and marriage counseling in the EFT model. I’m married and have three sons.

Czuły Wojownik


Jakub Macewicz - Psychoterapia

Stanisława Bukowskiego 1b/4
15-066 Białystok

T: +48 501 265 440
E: gabinet@jakubmacewicz.pl
F: fb.com/czulywojownik

Bank account number

Niczeńka Jakub Macewicz
02 1140 2004 0000 3502 7822 3339

Additional information

Appointments can be made via phone. I don't answer phone calls during work. So - if you can't reach me - please text me and I'll contact you. For online sessions I use Zoom platform. I send an invitation to your email before the session.