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Men today are affected by many stressful factors of all types. At the same time, they lack good self-care tools and relationships based on partnership and cooperation. They can acquire such tools and learn to take care of their relationships through individual sessions or work in a self-improvement group or by participating in the ‘Gentle Warrior’ workshops (more:

Men less often than women take part in psychotherapy and seek other forms of support, and women predominate among those practicing this profession. This does not mean, however, that we do not experience difficulties or that we always deal with them perfectly, but rather that we deny them to a greater or lesser extent.

Until recently, cultural communication required boys and men to avoid experiencing emotions, and experiencing them was considered a weakness. Emotions were contrasted with rationality and intellect. The mistaken assumption was that intellect was the domain of men and that emotions should be left to women. Thus, women were devalued, considered “too emotional.” Meanwhile, our emotional and physical wellbeing depend on good contact with emotions and understanding them, which only when combined with intellect gives—the important for men—feeling of real agency and the tools required for healthy functioning.

We need good relationships as much as women. Single men live shorter lives, get sick more often, and have less fulfilling lives. That’s why we need community and the support of other men to be able to share our experiences as well as joys, dilemmas, and worries.

As a therapist, I invite men looking for experiences during which you can learn to recognize and express what is happening within you. Thanks to your courage to expose your sensitivity, you’ll be able to deepen your relationship with yourself. This, in turn, will provide access to inner strength that you can use to improve the quality of your life.


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